Easy, Fast & Reliable

PRO HRM is one of the most advance and User friendly HRM system you ever get the chance to work with. PRO HRM has so many Dynamic features allow the user to make sure all the required sections and options are covered and managed. PRO HRM`s latest technology and Advance formulation is enabling your business to the next level of Human Resources Management.

HR Functions

  • Personal Self Service
  • Performance Evaluation
  • People Administration
  • Leave and Absence
  • Recruitment
  • Training and Developments
  • Compensation and Benefits

Payroll Process

  • Additions and Deductions
  • Advance Payments
  • Nopay Deduction
  • Slips and Reports
  • EPF/ETF Transactions
  • Payee TAX Management
  • ASCII Files

Time Attendance

  • Shift Management
  • Attendance
  • Reports
  • Over Time Management


Cost Effective, User Friendly Interface & Easy Integration

Easy POS is a reliable Modern day cash register operates with a Computer controlled system. This system is one of the most reliable and user friendly POS system you will ever find in the trade. EASY POS can apply to a supermarket, Grocery store, whole sale store, restaurant, or any other business works in sales point environment. Couple of hours training is more than enough for your staff to get the total understanding of EASY POS system. EASY POS now available to use in multi store business as well as single store environment.

POS Functions

  • Categories, Departments and Brands
  • GRN, Purchasing Orders
  • Supplier Orders and Returns
  • Customer Invoices, Return notes
  • Warehouse Operation
  • Stock Adjustments
  • User Roles
  • Discounts & Loyalty Managements
  • Gift voucher Managements

Available Reports

  • Listing Reports
  • Stock Balance
  • Valuation Reports
  • Bin Card / Stock Card
  • Variance Reports
  • Stock Aging Reports
  • Stock Analyze Reports
  • Daily Sales Reports
  • Sales Summery Report
  • Sales Analyze Reports
  • Or Any Customized Report...


Easy, Fast & Reliable

PRO INVENTORY solution save grate amount of time from Inventory Management and analyzing process. PRO INVENTORY provide you instant reports and analysis. Industries such as Warehouse Management, Garment, Manufactures, and many other stock related industry will be benefited with our solution. PRO INVENTORY feeds the management and other employees with valuable inventory data as they required.

System Functions

  • Stock Keeping Unit Managements
  • Location and Sub location Control
  • Shipment, Batch Packages
  • Stock Movements Handling
  • Customers and Vendor Handling
  • Role Base User Management


  • Inventory Reports
  • Movement Reports
  • Serials and Assets
  • Transaction Reports
  • Listing Reports
  • Or Any Customized Report...

Device Integrations

  • Barcode Readers
  • Hand Held Devices
  • Weighing Devices
  • CCTV Cameras


Easy, Fast & Reliable

In this hyper connected world PRO CRM is the best platform to transform your business in to the next level of Customer Management with more information and more choices than ever before. We enable you the path to see your business in customer’s point of view. PRO CRM will empower you staff to build an individual connection with each customers to your business.PRO CRM will tell you everything you need to know about your customer right information at the prefect time.


  • Customer Records
  • Future Leads and History
  • Invoice Tracking
  • Plan Trip, Production or Job
  • Reminders and Tasks

Ideal Industries

  • Ticketing Companies
  • Repair Centers
  • Medical Centers
  • Traveling Agents
  • Or Any Other Business Domain